As a former Indian international cricketer, representing Team India, Ashok Parel has coached several professional domestic teams in India, including the successful Gujarat Ranji Team. Transitioning to CricMax, Ashok has established himself as a highly successful leader, guiding various teams. He possesses a unique talent for instilling his love and enthusiasm for cricket in the young cricketers he mentors.
Since his move to the United States, Ashok Patel has made a notable impact on the cricketing scene, particularly in the New Jersey area. He has achieved remarkable success with various CricMax squads, securing victories in prominent tournaments such as the U16 CricMax tournament in 2012 and the NATA youth tournament with the U13 team in 2013. Recently, he led a talented group of U15 cricketers to claim the prestigious NATA youth tournament title, further solidifying his reputation as a highly accomplished coach.

Career Milestones of Coach Ashok Patel:

  • Coach for the Gujarat Cricket Association
  • Head Coach of the Associate Bank Cricket Team
  • Head Coach for CricMax Cricket Academy