Niraj Paranjpe is a cricket veteran with over 21 years of playing experience under his belt, including representing Maharashtra U-16. He has played in various cities across the US, such as Atlanta, St. Louis, and NJ, and has won the inaugural Phase 1 of the United States Premiere League, as well as participated in the American Premiere League.
Additionally, Niraj has ventured into coaching, with 1.5 years of coaching experience at Cricmax and 6 months at Criclanes. He has also officiated as an umpire in the 2021 EYCL tournament. As the founder and president of Mumbai Gymkhana, one of the most renowned cricket clubs in NJ, Niraj has contributed immensely to the growth and development of the sport in the community.
– ICC Coaching Foundation Certificate,
– USA Cricket Level 1: Umpiring Fundamentals,
– ACF Silver Coach Certification