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The CricMax cricket coaching staff is a focused and dedicated force behind our high-quality cricket club, responsible for managing game sessions and coaching youth cricket leagues and teams. It is our belief that cricket coaching for kids is about mastering the fundamentals while also learning the nuances of the game. We value sportsmanship, comradery, fun, and friendship — and it’s our conviction that winning comes as a result of such tenets.
Our coaches include experienced cricketers who have played and coached on the international stage along with dedicated cricket enthusiasts who wish to see the game grow in the U.S.

Our CricMax staff ensures you get great value, assisting you with everything from booking a venue to developing an All-star swing.

We will always be here to greet you with a smile!

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    Coaching Services

    The CricMax coaches and administration strive for a high-quality cricket coaching experience precisely designed to enhance the skills of all of our participants.

    CricMax offers coaching services for cricketers of all skill levels. Beginners will start with the fundamentals of the game and develop a passion for cricket through various exercises, participate in team building, and identify what aspects of the game they favor and wish to pursue at an intermediate level.

    For advanced-level cricketers, we provide professional and semi-professional coaching where they will take part in a world-class program with the latest cricket technology, coaching insight, and facilities on hand to elevate their game to the next level.

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    Cricmax Coaching Trophies

    • NATA U-13 2013
      nata U-13 2013
    • NATA U-15 2013
      nata U-15 2013
    • NATA U-14 2014
      nata U-14 2014
    • NYCL U-12 2015
      nycl U-12 2015
    • AYPL U-13 2015
      aypl U-13 2015
    • AYPL U-15 2015
      aypl U-15 2015
    • RPM U-14 2015
      rpm U-14 2015
    • NATA U-14 2015
      nata U-14 2015
    • BOCC U-14 2015
      bocc U-14 2015
    • NATA U-12 2016
      nata U-12 2016
    • NATA U-15 2016
      nata U-15 2016
    • AYPL U-13 2016
      aypl U-13 2016
    • AYPL U-15 2016
      aypl U-15 2016
    • CCA U-12 2016
      cca U-12 2016
    • BOCC U-13 2016
      bocc U-13 2016
    • EMC U-15 2016
      emc U-15 2016
    • NYCL U-16 2017
      nycl U-16 2017
    • EYCL U-12 2017
      eycl U-12 2017
    • CYCC U-13 2017
      cycc U-13 2017
    • CYCC U-16 2017
      cycc U-16 2017
    • CYCC U-13 2017
      cycc U-13 2017
    • CCA U-12 2017
      cca U-12 2017
    • CYCC U-16 2018
      cycc U-16 2018
    • CCA U-12 2018
      cca U-12 2018
    • EYCL U-16 2018
      eycl U-16 2018
    • EYCL U-14 2018
      eycl U-14 2018
    • EYCL U-12 2018
      eycl U-12 2018
    • OMS NYCT U-16 2018
      Oms nyct U-16 2018
    • HOUSTON U-16 2018
      houston U-16 2018
    • CYCC U-16 2018
      cycc U-16 2018
    • ATLANTA U-18 2018
      atlanta U-18 2018
    • EYCL U-16 2019
      eycl U-16 2019
    • EYCL U-14 (Div A) 2019
      eycl U-14 (Div A) 2019
    • EYCL U-14 (Div A) 2019
      eycl U-14 (Div A) 2019
    • EYCL U-12 (Div A) 2019
      eycl U-12 (Div A) 2019
    • EYCL U-12 (Div A) 2019
      eycl U-12 (Div A) 2019
    • DC TOURNAMENT U-12 2019
      Dc tournament U-12 2019
    • NYCL U-14 2019
      nycl U-14 2019
    • NYCL U-18 2019
      nycl U-18 2019
    • EYCL U-17 2020
      eycl U-17 2020
    • EYCL U-19 2020
      eycl U-19 2020
    • EYCL U-12 2020
      eycl U-12 2020
    • EYCL U-14 2020
      eycl U-14 2020
    • EYCL U-16 2020
      eycl U-16 2020
    •  MLC ATLANTA TOUR U-13 2021
      MLC Atlanta Tour U-13 2021
    •  MLC ATLANTA TOUR U-15 2021
      MLC Atlanta Tour U-15 2021

    Client Testimonials

    • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

      It has good pitch for practice and all cricket accessories and items, bats with kit are good for reasonable price.

    • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

      Top dedicated and professional coaching staff. State of the art Facility. Full Pitch, Pitch Vision, and they sell all kind of Cricket Equipments with reasonable rates. Coach selects the team based on the merits. They don't do partiality in the process of selecting the players and that is very very important thing. #1 facility for all the aspects in North East Region (NJ, NY, PA,...

    • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

      Has everything you need to start your cricketing career.. equipments, coaching, nets....

    • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

      Excellent place to learn Cricket. The coaches are highly professional. My son is attending this coaching facility for the last 7 years. Awesome staff and state of the art Cricket equipment. The retail shop is the best in the country. Coaching is exceptional.

    • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

      A great place for young kids to start of cricket. My son attends weekly class and the coaches are fantastic and very accommodating with attention to details on each kids depending on their skills. Their equipment is top notch with one of their owner Dipesh patel being one of them the best person to pick out your bats.

    • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

      Great facility for future cricketers. My son has improved skills and technique with the batting and bowling and CricMax arranges matches am tournaments for the kids to engage them playing cricket. Coaches are committed and high quality.

    • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

      Best Cricket Facility in the U.S. Best coaches. Love to practice there. Friendly environment. Nice service

    • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

      This is a great place for learning and practicing cricket. Shrey is very flexible with class timings,   and good in assessing kids ability to put them in right class.  Coach Ashok and Coach  Savitha are the best. My kids love going to Cricmax.

    • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

      Cricmax has a very friendly atmosphere. All the coaches in the facility carefully analyze every on of the students to always improve their skills and get them to a better place. I am proud one of the players in the family.

    • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

      CRICMAX: one of the best places in the USA for your cricketing needs. From getting trained professionally, playing for fun by renting Lanes, or looking to buy any gear for Cricket. It's one-stop for your cricket needs. Professional coaches, balling machine, and other training equipment that you would require for professional training, it's all at CRICMAX. Truly one of the best places!