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Cricmax Is a Prime Choice for Birthday Parties and Corporate Events!

As an indoor multi-sports facility, we provide an enormous amount of space for your favorite sports, including 6-on-6 cricket matches, indoor soccer, lacrosse, and more.

No matter if you’re planning for your child or you’re just a child at heart, there’s always something exciting going down at CricMax!

If you’re interested in hosting your next birthday or corporate function at CricMax, give us a call to schedule your special day.

Cake Birthday Parties 

” Celebrate your big day with us!  ”

Enjoy your birthday doing what you love at CricMax! As a premier hub for indoor cricket in NJ, we have the capacity for parties of all shapes and sizes.

Our CricMax indoor sports facility is ideal for all kinds of indoor sports-themed parties and gatherings, from cricket and soccer to field hockey and everything in between. So, if you’re having a sports-themed party, we have both the space and resources to make it a success!

Our skilled staff and planners are on hand and will ensure that every goal of your CricMax party is met. You’ll be pleased to know that our party rates are competitive all year round.

Call today to inquire further on how we can celebrate your special day!

Conference Corporate Events

” A prime spot for corporate gatherings! ”

If you’re sick of the same company picnic spot or maybe wish to spice up your next company get-together, we have the place for you! CricMax is more than just an indoor multi-sports facility—we’re a prime spot for corporate functions, offering the ideal venue for fun and team-building exercises.

Our skilled staff and planners are on hand to work alongside you to ensure that you get the most out of your corporate event. Say you want to try your hand at a simple game of cricket. Picture it now: it’s fun, takes teamwork, and with most people unfamiliar with the game, most will share the same level of experience, ensuring balanced entertainment. And if cricket isn’t your cup of tea, then you can enjoy essentially any other sporting event indoors at our facility.  

Reach out to CricMax today to see how we can make your next event one to remember!


Corporate 6-a-Side Indoor Cricket League

” There’s no better way to get your fix of competitive cricket.”

Try your hand at the corporate six-a-side indoor cricket league. Around the world, this game is known as Action Cricket because it’s made fast-paced to maximize the enjoyment of all skillsets.

Games involve teams of 6 players that compete against one another in a 12-over match. Every bowler must bowl two overs (one over being 6 legal pitches to the batter) and batsmen bat in pairs of 2 for 4 overs. There is no Leg-Before-Wicket rule and instead of being out, you lose 2 runs to keep the game moving.

As the premium destination for indoor cricket, CricMax is your destination. So, if you wish to play but have no team, call us for placement.

Tournament Rules can be found here

Client Testimonials

  • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

    It has good pitch for practice and all cricket accessories and items, bats with kit are good for reasonable price.

  • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

    Top dedicated and professional coaching staff. State of the art Facility. Full Pitch, Pitch Vision, and they sell all kind of Cricket Equipments with reasonable rates. Coach selects the team based on the merits. They don't do partiality in the process of selecting the players and that is very very important thing. #1 facility for all the aspects in North East Region (NJ, NY, PA,...

  • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

    Has everything you need to start your cricketing career.. equipments, coaching, nets....

  • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

    Excellent place to learn Cricket. The coaches are highly professional. My son is attending this coaching facility for the last 7 years. Awesome staff and state of the art Cricket equipment. The retail shop is the best in the country. Coaching is exceptional.

  • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

    A great place for young kids to start of cricket. My son attends weekly class and the coaches are fantastic and very accommodating with attention to details on each kids depending on their skills. Their equipment is top notch with one of their owner Dipesh patel being one of them the best person to pick out your bats.

  • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

    Great facility for future cricketers. My son has improved skills and technique with the batting and bowling and CricMax arranges matches am tournaments for the kids to engage them playing cricket. Coaches are committed and high quality.

  • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

    Best Cricket Facility in the U.S. Best coaches. Love to practice there. Friendly environment. Nice service

  • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

    This is a great place for learning and practicing cricket. Shrey is very flexible with class timings,   and good in assessing kids ability to put them in right class.  Coach Ashok and Coach  Savitha are the best. My kids love going to Cricmax.

  • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

    Friendly, homely and flexible facilities. Excellent and dedicated coaching from Ashok Sir and Coach Savitha. Personalized recommendations and fitting of equipment from the cricket store. Kids make great friends, experiences, relationships and memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

    Cricmax has a very friendly atmosphere. All the coaches in the facility carefully analyze every on of the students to always improve their skills and get them to a better place. I am proud one of the players in the family.