Lane Rental

A Fully-Equipped Cricket Training Facility

Advance your cricket game with the latest smart training resources! CricMax provides top-of-the-line equipment in our indoor cricket facility, which is comparable to internationally renowned cricket academies around the world. Our lanes are available to anyone, from recreational cricketers to newbies in search of fun.

Rent a lane today to work on your batting and bowling!

Pitch Smart Lane Setup

” The optimal way to improve your cricket game is with our indoor cricket facility! ”

Whether you’re working on your bowling technique or prefer to focus on your batting skills, our Smart Lane setup is ideal for indoor cricket practice.

Each Smart Lane comes complete with personal space you would expect with a cricket practice facility, including batting nets so you can work at your own pace. Our Smart Lanes are partitioned by nets to keep lanes clear and safe from the action of adjoining lanes.

Stump Top-of-the-Line Cricket Equipment

Cricket practice tools to help you shape your skills!”

CrixMax provides revolutionary cricket hardware and software like PitchVision, Cricket Shot Shaper, and Bowling Machines in our cricket training facility. Our coaches are ready to operate your bowling machine to help take your game to the next level!

Bowling Machine

Our CricMax indoor cricket facility carries the world’s best bowling machines, developed by BOLA and JUGS, for the most authentic experience for batsmen who desire consistency and need help reaching their peak potential.

Batsmen can train in a more consistent manner when working with bowling machines in our cricket facility. Plus, it’s incredibly fun! Toggle the bowling machine to deliver the ball at a higher pace for a good time or to ensure you’re absolutely match-ready. Whether you’re more advanced or just starting out, CricMax’s bowling machines will support the delivery style you need!

  • Adjustable to meet your personal needs
  • Reaches speeds from 30 to 95 MPH
  • Straight, inswing, and outswing deliveries

The CricMax cricket practice facility has PitchVision, the latest smart technology championed by cricketers worldwide, transforming the way cricket is both coached and played. Batsmen and bowlers alike gain real-time tracking with the ability to view their evolution, receive insight, and make key adjustments. So, when you come back for follow-up sessions, you’ll have the data necessary to pick up where you left off.

PitchVision is a cutting-edge technology that maps and tracks bowlers’ pitch maps by:

  • Providing solid, real-time data
  • Helping bowlers seek out strengths and weaknesses
  • Supporting batsmen in highlighting deliveries
Cricket Shot Shaper

The CricMax indoor cricket facility provides cricket training technology to enhance your batting skills. This includes the Cricket Shot Shaper, a top-notch cricket training equipment that operates with precision by placing the cricket ball to fit the specific needs of each batsman.

  • Managed by our coaching staff
  • Carries up to 13 cricket shots
  • Ideal for isolating movement for batsmen

Cricket Training Facility | Cricket Practice Facility New Jersey

If you’re searching for an ‘indoor cricket facility near me‘ then CricMax is your solution for all-things cricket! Scheduling an appointment is simple. Contact us today to reserve a lane.

Umpire Experienced Training

1-on-1 coaching available upon request!

What is cricket sport-training without a solid foundation? No matter if we’re working with you or your child, our experienced cricket coaching staff can help, from making adjustments to your swing or pitch to everything in between! Our coaches care about spreading their love of cricket throughout the region and are eager to share their wisdom!

Are you wondering, “Gosh, where can I find indoor cricket coaching near me?” No problem! Simply ask for one of our experienced coaches when you rent a lane.

Cricmax Coaching Trophies

  • NATA U-13 2013
    nata U-13 2013
  • NATA U-15 2013
    nata U-15 2013
  • NATA U-14 2014
    nata U-14 2014
  • NYCL U-12 2015
    nycl U-12 2015
  • AYPL U-13 2015
    aypl U-13 2015
  • AYPL U-15 2015
    aypl U-15 2015
  • RPM U-14 2015
    rpm U-14 2015
  • NATA U-14 2015
    nata U-14 2015
  • BOCC U-14 2015
    bocc U-14 2015
  • NATA U-12 2016
    nata U-12 2016
  • NATA U-15 2016
    nata U-15 2016
  • AYPL U-13 2016
    aypl U-13 2016
  • AYPL U-15 2016
    aypl U-15 2016
  • CCA U-12 2016
    cca U-12 2016
  • BOCC U-13 2016
    bocc U-13 2016
  • EMC U-15 2016
    emc U-15 2016
  • NYCL U-16 2017
    nycl U-16 2017
  • EYCL U-12 2017
    eycl U-12 2017
  • CYCC U-13 2017
    cycc U-13 2017
  • CYCC U-16 2017
    cycc U-16 2017
  • CYCC U-13 2017
    cycc U-13 2017
  • CCA U-12 2017
    cca U-12 2017
  • CYCC U-16 2018
    cycc U-16 2018
  • CCA U-12 2018
    cca U-12 2018
  • EYCL U-16 2018
    eycl U-16 2018
  • EYCL U-14 2018
    eycl U-14 2018
  • EYCL U-12 2018
    eycl U-12 2018
  • OMS NYCT U-16 2018
    Oms nyct U-16 2018
  • HOUSTON U-16 2018
    houston U-16 2018
  • CYCC U-16 2018
    cycc U-16 2018
  • ATLANTA U-18 2018
    atlanta U-18 2018
  • EYCL U-16 2019
    eycl U-16 2019
  • EYCL U-14 (Div A) 2019
    eycl U-14 (Div A) 2019
  • EYCL U-14 (Div A) 2019
    eycl U-14 (Div A) 2019
  • EYCL U-12 (Div A) 2019
    eycl U-12 (Div A) 2019
  • EYCL U-12 (Div A) 2019
    eycl U-12 (Div A) 2019
  • DC TOURNAMENT U-12 2019
    Dc tournament U-12 2019
  • NYCL U-14 2019
    nycl U-14 2019
  • NYCL U-18 2019
    nycl U-18 2019
  • EYCL U-17 2020
    eycl U-17 2020
  • EYCL U-19 2020
    eycl U-19 2020
  • EYCL U-12 2020
    eycl U-12 2020
  • EYCL U-14 2020
    eycl U-14 2020
  • EYCL U-16 2020
    eycl U-16 2020
  •  MLC ATLANTA TOUR U-13 2021
    MLC Atlanta Tour U-13 2021
  •  MLC ATLANTA TOUR U-15 2021
    MLC Atlanta Tour U-15 2021

Client Testimonials

  • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

    Top dedicated and professional coaching staff. State of the art Facility. Full Pitch, Pitch Vision, and they sell all kind of Cricket Equipments with reasonable rates. Coach selects the team based on the merits. They don't do partiality in the process of selecting the players and that is very very important thing. #1 facility for all the aspects in North East Region (NJ, NY, PA,...

  • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

    Excellent place to learn Cricket. The coaches are highly professional. My son is attending this coaching facility for the last 7 years. Awesome staff and state of the art Cricket equipment. The retail shop is the best in the country. Coaching is exceptional.

  • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

    A great place for young kids to start of cricket. My son attends weekly class and the coaches are fantastic and very accommodating with attention to details on each kids depending on their skills. Their equipment is top notch with one of their owner Dipesh patel being one of them the best person to pick out your bats.

  • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

    Great facility for future cricketers. My son has improved skills and technique with the batting and bowling and CricMax arranges matches am tournaments for the kids to engage them playing cricket. Coaches are committed and high quality.

  • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

    Best Cricket Facility in the U.S. Best coaches. Love to practice there. Friendly environment. Nice service

  • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

    Friendly, homely and flexible facilities. Excellent and dedicated coaching from Ashok Sir and Coach Savitha. Personalized recommendations and fitting of equipment from the cricket store. Kids make great friends, experiences, relationships and memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

    Cricmax has a very friendly atmosphere. All the coaches in the facility carefully analyze every on of the students to always improve their skills and get them to a better place. I am proud one of the players in the family.

  • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

    Cricmax is the best cricket service provider in NY/NJ region. Cricmax team (Mohan, Shrey, Joe, Anish and others) is professional, knowledgeable and courteous and they have a good coaching staff in Ashok and Shrey. It is inspiring to see young kids practice and name US players (Hutchinson, Nosh, Jessy, Saurabh, Ali Khan etc) as their fielding positions as they bowl. This keeps US cricket's hope...

  • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

    The best cricket store in the New Jersey! I recently purchased a Shrey Koroyd Helmet from Cricmax and had a wonderful experience! The representative, Mr. Rakesh was extremely kind and very helpful, and provided me with detailed information regarding every helmet. He also went out of his way and put some additional padding inside my helmet, making it even more protective. I also received a...

  • Rating Rating Rating Rating Rating

    cricmax facility = warehouse. Same Place for facility/ watehouse.  Great store all in one for all cricket lovers. Big warehouse includes cricket goods- bats,kits, gears, accessories, shoes. Everything. Plus point, they have multiple indoor nets lanes for coaching kids of all age groups. Adults can book lanes too for practice. Very knowledgeable staff. Cricket players & lovers of sport themselves. Store staff is very...