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Kinjal Patel

Top dedicated and professional coaching staff. State of the art Facility. Full Pitch, Pitch Vision, and they sell all kind of Cricket Equipments with reasonable rates. Coach selects the team based on the merits. They don’t do partiality in the process of selecting the players and that is very very important thing. #1 facility for Kinjal Patel

VIjay Sharma

Excellent place to learn Cricket. The coaches are highly professional. My son is attending this coaching facility for the last 7 years. Awesome staff and state of the art Cricket equipment. The retail shop is the best in the country. Coaching is exceptional.

Uday Patel

A great place for young kids to start of cricket. My son attends weekly class and the coaches are fantastic and very accommodating with attention to details on each kids depending on their skills. Their equipment is top notch with one of their owner Dipesh patel being one of them the best person to pick Uday Patel

Sriram Sundaram

Cricmax is the best cricket service provider in NY/NJ region. Cricmax team (Mohan, Shrey, Joe, Anish and others) is professional, knowledgeable and courteous and they have a good coaching staff in Ashok and Shrey. It is inspiring to see young kids practice and name US players (Hutchinson, Nosh, Jessy, Saurabh, Ali Khan etc) as their Sriram Sundaram


The best cricket store in the New Jersey! I recently purchased a Shrey Koroyd Helmet from Cricmax and had a wonderful experience! The representative, Mr. Rakesh was extremely kind and very helpful, and provided me with detailed information regarding every helmet. He also went out of his way and put some additional padding inside my HEMABEN PESHWA

B Tiwari

My son attends coaching from Ashok sir and Shrey at Crickmax, he loves the time he gets to spend there learning cricket. I find the coach to be very professional, Ashok Patel, despite being an international cricketer, is a very humble, down-to-earth person and I can see the passion in him to transform our kids B Tiwari

A Pawar

My son is enjoying the coaching sessions by coach Ashok and he feels it’s the best coaching he ever had. It’s learning and fun at its best for him.